Friday, September 7, 2018

Huawei Nova 3 Pohne Reviews

Huawei has launched several smartphones in 2018. The company has also reached its mid-range smartphones market through all its brand honors. The problem with Wave and Ander smartphones is that neither is it useless nor very special. That's why there is no more enthusiasm nor more frustration when the phone is launched at Aanor.

So when Huawei Nova 3 came for review for the first time with us, the first thought in our mind was that 'another Wave phone has been launched'. However, there are some things that are very good at Wave Nova 3. 4 cameras, superb design but is this really better than the earlier phones of the company? Let us tell you .

Huawei Nova 3 Reviews

Phone design

Between so many smartphones it would be lazy to say that Wave is much better in terms of design. The build quality of the device is good. Wave Nova 3 has a strong metal frame and bright glass in the back. Such shines are rarely seen in smartphones. Although this will start appearing on the phone soon, but with this type of shining, you have to take so much risk.
There is no doubt that the look of this phone is quite stylish and it seems to be seen again and again. Color schemes are also very popular among Wave's smartphones. In this phone the SIM tray is on the left and the volume button and the power button is on the right. At the bottom of the phone is the normal headphone jack, USB type-c port and speaker grill. Wave should get good points in the case of design.

Device display

Wave Nova 3 also has Nokia as almost every phone, but its notch has 2 earpieces, two cameras and a notification LED which makes it special compared to the rest of the smartphones. Wave Nova 3 has a 6.3 inch full HD IPS display with 2340x1080 pixels. There are sharp colors in the screen. Watching a video in Wave Nova 3 can be a good experience. Its display does not have Gorilla Glass, so keep in mind and keep your phone in hand.
Handset performance
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Most phones are not stock Android devices i.e., the company comes with its own user interface (UI) with Google's operating system Android. Similarly, Wave Nova 3 has its own user interface EMUI 8.2. For us EMUI has a better interface than Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo's interface. This smartphone runs on Android 8.1 ORIO and many apps are pre-installed which you can delete. There are many customization options.
Wave Nova 3 has its own Kirin 970 processor. The same processor is found in the Añor View 10, Anner 10. Its performance is also good in Wave Nova 3. Even after using too much, there is no heating problem in it. Although its level is lower than Oneplus 6 but still it is very good in terms of smartphone performance.

Wave Nova 3 camera

The Wave Nova 3 device is slightly different in terms of camera. It is not that this is the first smartphone with a total of 4 cameras, behind 2 front and back, but its camera is special. Its rear camera is 16 megapixels, with PDAF and F / 1.8 spare lens. Its back has a sensor of 24 MPs. Huvaway claims that these two cameras are equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which makes the camera work much better. If you want you can also do the AI feature. Although Wave's camera is the same as the rest of the smartphone in this price range, but there is no OIS in Vava Nova 3, through which you will not be able to take special photos in night or low-light from your phone.
You have to be quite stable to click the photo or you may have to take the risk of blur image. Portrait mode on Vava Nova 3 is fine but not spectacular. Like iPhone X, you can also change the lights. There are 3 snapers in the front, in which 24 MP monochrome sensors are and with a 2 megapixel sensor. AI is the effect of the entire camera and through it you can take good pictures. HDR Pro Mode for Selfie, through which the Natural Selfie can be clicked better than the rest of the phones.
There are 3D emoji in the way of Wave Nova 3 like iPhone and you can choose from 6 different characters. Wave Nova 3 is also much better in shooting videos. You can shoot the 1080P video from the front camera at 60 fps and can shoot 4 video resolution of the rear camera. There is some slightness due to the lack of OIS in Vava Nova 3, because apart from this, all four Wave's cameras work properly.

Phone battery

Just like this range and smartphones, Wave Nova 3 has a fast charging 3750 mAh battery which does not work as fast as the OnePlus 6 but still offers extensive processing of Wave. Once charged, its battery can walk comfortably 24 hours.

Our decision

If we learned something in 2018 then it is that most smartphones in the smartphone market are in the range of 25 thousand to 40 thousand. This is a range in which users always need something new. Wave Nova 3 comes true in this case. You will not be disappointed with its design, display and battery. However the processor is not as good as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

You have oneplus 6 and Asus Zenfone 5Z in this price range, but better than this. AI is very important for Wave and it is also visible from the AI present in 4 cameras. Overall, Wave Nova 3 is good but now only good